Liberty Reserve Forex Trading with Marketiva Streamster software

What is the Liberty Reserve?

Liberty Reserve is an online electronic currency. If you’ve ever used PayPal before, then Liberty Reserve is almost the same with several features that make it better. For example, fees are much lower than PayPal, and Liberty Reserve has a non-refundable payment policy, which means that once you get the money, the money will stay yours and people can’t just open up a little dispute to get it from you .

Liberty Reserve in Forex Trading

I have never heard that PayPal is ok with Forex trading. Most Forex brokers will ask for either a direct bank deposit or a credit card payment, which means that your payment will be cleared in hours so you can start trading. And even after that, complications can occur.

And if that’s not so bad, what about the fact that most OTC brokers require a minimum $ 500 minimum deposit to start trading? Fortunately, a growing number of brokers are lowering this minimum initial deposit amount so that now even beginners can trade Forex rather than large companies and businesses.

So, as you can see, using Liberty Reserve is much faster than other similar services, bank transfers or inconvenient credit card processing systems. Also, most Forex brokers that accept Liberty Reserve deposits do not have such insanely high minimum deposit requirements, making it possible for beginners and ordinary people like you and me to jump into the Forex market and start trading.

Marketiva as a Forex broker that accepts the Liberty Reserve

During my 10 years of Forex trading experience I have worked with many different brokers. While I can’t say anything bad about them, they just didn’t fit my business’s needs because of their payment systems, which took too long to get my money.

About 3 years ago I discovered Marketiva and everything changed. I no longer even use other brokers because Marketiva does a good job like any other broker, with a few key features that made it move this broker to the top of my list.

Why is this good?

First of all, Marketiva offers ordinary people like you and me the opportunity to enter the Forex market. Just a few years ago, the Forex market was out of reach for most. Only people with big money could start trading.

Marketiva changed all that by using their incredibly low deposit requirements of just $ 1 to start trading. Instead, they use quantity-based trading, so even with $ 1 you have a lot of flexibility in your trades. While, of course, a profit of $ 1 is not great, it’s a great way for beginners in the market to test their skills in this area. Of course, there are also changes in the use of virtual funds, so you don’t need to risk anything to improve your trading skills to the point that you are happy with the results.


Marketiva is an excellent broker for both beginners and professionals in this field. With their quantity-based trading accounts you will still have more flexibility in your trades with relatively small investments. They also accept the Liberty Reserve, which makes it incredibly easy to get your paycheck online.