WoW Burning Crusade Reputation Guide

We all know how annoying it is to gain reputation points to get a heroic key for a particular occasion or tune in to a raid. The purpose of this guide is to make polishing repetitions as time-efficient as possible.

Note: only heroic status is required to purchase heroic keys.

The following fractions are listed in alphabetical order.

Aldor Neutral – Honored: Signs of Kil’Jaden Honored – Sublime: Signs of Sargeras, Weapons Weapons, Quests

Eshtang Death Neutral – Sublime: Black Temple, Quests

Cenaria Neutral Expedition – Honored: Unidentified Parts of Plants, Hands-Slaves, Honored Underbog – Honored: Steamvault, Quests, Weapon Coilfang

Neutral consortium – friendly: mana tombs, fragments of crystals, heads full of ivory, friendly – honored: honored mana tombs – sublime: quests, a bunch of ethers, obsidian balls, keys of Ethereum prisoners

Honor Hold Neutral – Honored: Shafts, Blood Furnace Honored – Sublime: Quests, Ruined Halls

Keepers of Time Neutral – Exalted: Quests, Old Hillsbrad, Black Morass

Kurenai Neutral – Exalted: quests, obsidian battle beads, grinding mobs

Lower Town Neutral – Honored: Aukenai Cellars, Setekk Halls, Honored Feathers – Sublime: Quests, Shadow Maze

Mag’har Neutral – Exalted: Grinding Mobs, Quests, Obsidian Warbeads Note: Consortium also accepts Warbeads, I advise you to complete all quests and grind mobs for reputation, while Warheads in Consortium.

Netherwing (requires 300 riding skills to reach Exalted) Friendly – Exalted: Daily Quests + Egg Hunt Quest List: Egg Hunt, Slow Death, Pollen Void, Crystal Netherwing, Not So Friendly Sky, Great Netherwing, Cure for Ordinary Nothing Peony, Collecting pieces, Dragons – the least of our problems, Breaking the Daily Portal, The biggest trap ever unfolded

Ogri’la XXX – Neutral: Quiz Chain “Talk to the Angle” Neutral – Honorable: Emanation of the relics (daily), Dispute with some ethereal rays, Saving the bombing – Elevation: All 3 above, plus exorcism

Scale of the Sands Neutral – Exalted: CoT: Battle of Mount Hyjal, The Vials of Eternity

Scryers Neutral – Honored: Firewing Signets Honored – Exalted: Arcane Fales, Sunfury Signets, Quests

Sha’tar Neutral – Honored: Aldor / Scryers turnins Honored – Exalted: Quests, Tempest Keep

Sha’tari Skyguard Neutral – Exalted: World of Shadows, Fire Over Skettis, Escape from Skettis, Warre some Ether Ray !, Bombing Run

Shattered Sun Offensive Neutral – Exalted: daily quests, master’s terrace

Sporeggar Neutral – Friendly: The Sporelings Bright, Balot Lord Tendrils Honor – Dear: Dear Lords of the Swamps – Exalted: Quests, More Lord Lords

Purple Eye Neutral – Elevation: Karajan, Assignments

Neutral Thralmar – Honored: Shafts, Honored Blood Furnace – High: Quests, Ruined Halls