Can you dig bitcoins on your smartphone?

Let’s look at the bitcoin price index from July 2012 to September 2020 for a better understanding of this digital currency –

Users who traded bitcoins have used many Android applications that are also used to store bitcoins. There are several apps available and you can download the best bitcoin app from Google or the Google Play Store.

With the steady rise and fall in the price of bitcoin in India, bitcoin will either stay at its current price or fall. In addition, bitcoin mining has an advantage over everything else and there are several smartphone applications for bitcoin mining. If you are not interested in digging, you can buy bitcoins using the bitcoin exchange in India, such as WazirX.

Is it possible to dig bitcoins with the help of Mobile?

Yes, mobile Bitcoin digging is possible; but there are several reasons not to do so. In addition, there are few cryptocurrencies that do not require mechanisms to prove work, which in the initial stage can be dug on a smartphone.

Because we are aware that today’s smartphones are very powerful and can be used to dig cryptocurrency. But when we compare the tools used by miners to dig bitcoin, they are very powerful and complex, mining in smartphones means that they are less attractive in terms of prizes.

The user can dig bitcoins on the smartphone on a smaller scale or the user can join a mobile digging farm or mining pool. When network miners share their rewards, you will receive a small percentage based on your computing power.

How can you dig with the help of smartphones?

You can use your smartphone for mobile digging of Bitcoin using Android, as it is a convenient digging operating system for mobile devices. As the exchange rate of BTC in India fluctuates, the market is developing more Android applications that allow you to directly dig bitcoins from your smartphone. These apps may not be found in the Google Play Store, as appropriate.

Applications that can be used to dig bitcoins via smartphone

If you are still committed to digging bitcoins via mobile phone, the only requirement is that you need a digging application and a battery charger for standby. Below are some apps that can be used to dig up bitcoin via smartphones.

  • MinerGate
  • This is a mobile application for a miner that helps you dig up bitcoins and altcoins. Some of them include Dash and other altcoins. In addition, MinerGate offers the best built-in wallet where you can store your bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies.

  • Bitcoin Miner
  • This is one of the most popular applications currently available on most devices. It offers a user-friendly interface and you can find good reviews for its effectiveness. The Bitcoin miner application supports several altcoins.

  • AA miner
  • This application supports several cryptocurrencies, which include Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, DigitalNote and many others. This application is mainly used for digging cryptocurrencies for Android.

    Last thoughts

    Although mobile mining does not offer more rewards, it is not a complicated process. The only requirement is that you need a smartphone and download the best digging app. When you use your smartphone, the application runs in the background; and these applications interfere with the operation of your smartphone. In short, digging up smartphones is one of the easiest ways to make money, but not like using specialized hardware through computers.

    Unbreakable Digitization: 5 Simple Estimates of the Benefits of the Digital Economy in Sub-Saharan Africa

    Figures show that the digital economy is becoming a significant part of the global economy worldwide. In many sub-Saharan Africa, some aspects of the digital economy have already had a huge impact on the daily lives of the population. This is especially true for mobile payments. In a country like Kenya, mobile payments make up 10% of annual GDP. Other factors, such as the emergence of equipment in the market for affordable devices and increased communication, are driving the movement towards the digitization of socio-economic and cultural issues. So there are a lot of positive outcomes that these countries need to focus on and improve. Here are five such benefits:

    1. The digital economy promotes business creativity and entrepreneurship

    The connection between the digital economy and creativity is almost obvious. The main technological services of recent years are based on subversive ideas. Creativity is the driving force that allows us to solve problems around us and seize opportunities. Now is the perfect time to break the rules, build and innovate in culture, find original ways to monetize ideas and ultimately have a profound impact on society. The idea of ​​inventing a medical tablet with a touch screen came to a young Cameroonian engineer when he was an intern at a public hospital. During the internship, he decided to address the critical shortage of cardiac surgeons by building a device that could conduct medical examinations in remote locations and transmit results to physicians for interpretation and diagnosis. To be and remain competitive in this digital age, you need to invent new business models and approaches to customers and access to markets. The good news is that people can be inspired by many successful examples in today’s world.

    2. The digital economy has a direct impact on employment

    There are many potential jobs related to ICT, such as computer and electronic products, software publishing, telecommunications or IT. There is also a demand for professionals in the global ecosystem: mobile application developers, data scientists, social media professionals. Of course, skilled workers are needed all over the world, and this enables anyone to promote their career locally or globally at any time, even without leaving their own home. Self-employed people and entrepreneurs can take advantage of many opportunities to start their own business. But it is important to note that people need to work together, share new ideas, evaluate their projects and develop synergies. Also for employers and workers may be relevant to deep thinking about changing work habits with the “uberization” of the labor market.

    3. The digital economy is opening up Africa as a global potential market

    Contrary to what some falsely think, Africa is not a country. But one of the promising prospects of the digital economy, especially for investors, is the opportunity to look at the African market as a whole or at least as blocks of potential customers with similar purchasing power and / or lifestyle. Nowadays, many executives and business developers are increasingly focusing on growing African urban consumers as they become stimulators of demand. Africa Internet Group (a startup founded in Nigeria in 2012) now operates e-commerce companies in 26 African countries and recently received an additional investment totaling $ 245 million to support its continued growth. Today, entrepreneurs need to have the mindset of African musicians, as many have thought of their art as something to be valued in many African countries. And so they list the cities that they think will be successful in their business: Douala, Abidjan or Nairobi, and even other cities outside the continent.

    4. The digital economy has positive social consequences

    For some people excluded from the financial system, mobile devices have been a channel of access to certain financial services. It was even the first step towards connecting them with the rest of society. Currently, with the help of mobile money, everyone can buy a plane ticket (or train, or bus) from a mobile phone without a bank account, which requires, for example, confirmation of official work. There are still ways to study the compliance of microcredit with mobile money in an optimal way that can address dynamic populations without the funds and ideal projects in which to invest. In the same way, areas such as m-health and m-education are just beginning to be explored.

    With the digital economy, the production chain is a label, and cooperation is the path to great achievements. The fact that information is instantly available to all reduces inequality among citizens. Everyone can be able to take their destiny into their own hands, not necessarily connected by a powerful network. With the potential growth caused by these models, and when different stakeholders implement good practices, sustainable development is a common result of these positive impacts.

    5. The digital economy is conducive to sustainable development

    It really requires fewer warehouses, fewer facilities and sometimes no need to have stocks; “Dematerialization” is positive for the environment. For example, when people buy fewer cars because they share with other people through a digital platform, it can effectively help reduce traffic in our cities and bring more environmental balance.

    In addition to the social and economic dimensions, culture is crucial in today’s demoralized world, according to a recent UNESCO report. It’s time to create locally relevant content that will be used due to increased demand for books, music or movies. The quality of many tools allows serious artists to create and offer their work to the world. And it’s even easier to access funds through crowdfunding and other digital funding.

    The digital economy is emerging in sub-Saharan Africa as a powerful catalyst for growth and development. But people need to learn to work together and be open to the world. You need to have creative ideas and find subversive ways to make things happen. There are opportunities everywhere to meet personal needs and help others.

    Introduction to bitcoin and its advantages

    Bitcoin is a form of currency that exists only in the digital world. The technology was created by a person hiding under an identity named Satoshi Nakamoto. To this day, the creator (s) of the system have never materialized, maintaining an anonymous status.

    Bitcoins are not printed like traditional currencies because there is no physical representation of the cryptocurrency; it is produced by consumers and many companies through a process called digging. This is where special software solves math problems in exchange for virtual currency.

    The user takes control of it with the help of electronic devices, which also serve as an environment for transactions using multiple platforms. It is also stored and secured using virtual wallets.

    Bitcoin features

    Bitcoin has the characteristics of traditional currencies such as purchasing power and investment applications using online trading tools. It works just like conventional money, only in the sense that it can only exist in the digital world.

    One of its unique attributes, which cannot be compared to the fiat currency, is that it is decentralized. The currency is not managed by a governing body or institution, which means that it cannot be controlled by these entities, which gives users full ownership of their bitcoins.

    In addition, transactions are made using bitcoin addresses that are not associated with any names, addresses or any personal information requested by traditional payment systems.

    Each individual bitcoin transaction is stored in a register that anyone can access, this is called a blockchain. If the user has a publicly used address, his information is shared so that everyone can see it, without the user’s information, of course.

    Accounts are easy to set up, unlike conventional banks, which require a myriad of information, which can put your customers at risk due to fraud and schemes around the system.

    In addition, the fees for bitcoin transactions will always be low. Apart from the almost immediate completion of the processing, it is not known that the fees are significant enough to make a dent in someone’s account.

    Using bitcoin

    In addition to the ability to purchase goods and services, one of its well-known applications includes its use for a number of investment instruments. This includes Forex, bitcoin trading and binary options platforms. In addition, brands offer services that revolve around bitcoin as a currency.

    Obviously, bitcoin is just as flexible as traditional legal tender. Its introduction provides each person with new useful opportunities with its ease of use and opportunities for profit.

    6 important things you need in beauty salons

    It is easy to go to any beauty store and buy the things you need for your salon. But if you want to beat the competition across the street, you need not only the best stylists. You need all the right equipment. And in most cases you have to offer something more than hair care. If you are creating your own salon, here is a list of products for beauty salons, without which you can not do. In this article, we will discuss some of the more important things you need in a beauty salon.

    1. You need furniture for beauty salons, such as a few beautiful and very comfortable sofas. You don’t want your customers to feel uncomfortable or restless. And if you offer massage and other beauty treatments besides hair, you want your client to be relaxed. In other words, sofas can define a salon, so make sure you understand correctly.

    2. Chairs are the next important thing. Chairs are usually needed for two things: first, to entertain customers, and second, for those customers who are waiting. Like sofas, chairs should be comfortable and convenient. Uncomfortable or hard chairs can scare off your customers. Inevitably, sometimes your customers will have to wait. Don’t make it a bad situation by making them uncomfortable.

    3. There are some things in the salon that you need constantly. Some include potions and lotions that need to be used regularly, almost daily. In addition, you need to keep some things, such as machines, hair dryers, scissors and towels, which should be used by staff. Therefore, the cabin should be plenty of storage space.

    4. Many clients who come to the salon are looking for anti-aging products. Yes, modern salons – it’s more than just styling, haircut and hair coloring. This can be done with microdermabrasion machines. Skin problems, such as regeneration, are also solved with the help of these machines. Microdermabrasion helps to nurture youthful skin by removing the top layer of dead skin. This type of treatment is mostly performed on the face where it is most effective. That is why they are so popular in salons.

    5. Customers also come to the salon because they need to remove unwanted hair. The depilator helps with it. If you are planning to have an epilator as part of a beauty salon product, you should consider the intense pulsed light used by some epilators. It helps to completely kill the hair follicle. This way, hair reduction is even more effective.

    6. Body and facial toning machines are also important materials for beauty salons. They provide a “non-invasive face lift” that makes the skin amazing by improving blood circulation. They use microcurrents to achieve this goal and are a fairly popular choice among customers.

    These are some of the most important things that should be part of your list of beauty salon products.

    How to make money from bitcoin online

    It is now the eve of 2018 and bitcoin is on top of the mountain. The bad days seem to be over and although the bitcoin bubble can happen at any time, there is no doubt that the cryptocurrency is here to stay. The sooner you get involved in making money from bitcoin, the better position you will have in 5 years, when it becomes a well-established currency worldwide.

    And if the bubble scares you, investing in bitcoin is just one option, but not the only one. Bubble or not, you can still make tons of money from bitcoin. And bubble or not, the value will rise in the future because people just get involved.

    Get a bitcoin tap
    Profit potential: $ 50 to $ 800 a month.

    A bitcoin tap is a project in which you create a website or application that users can visit. You earn revenue from the site with ads that pay in bitcoins. Ads pay a small amount of bitcoins per page view, click or conversion.

    To encourage a large number of visitors to continue navigating the site on a daily and hourly basis, you offer to share the revenue from ads with them by paying in satoshi, which are basically bitcoin cents. To claim their winnings, the user must earn a certain amount of Satoshi and payments are made on a weekly basis.

    Cranes pay between 100,000 and 400,000 satoshi per hour. Some offer premium payments for internships or achievement tasks.

    The cranes began to work with solving drops and nothing else. Very boring task for passive income. New cranes are being built in the games, where users kill aliens, feed creatures or kill robots to win satoshi, the more you progress in the game, the more you earn. So this is a great idea for your own faucet.

    The day every video game player gets paid for a game is just around the corner.

    Keep in mind that bitcoin taps tend to default due to insufficient funding or liquidity. Crane owners are not getting their payments fast enough to pay on a fast-growing consumer base. They also tend to be hot targets for hackers.

    Generate passive income from your bitcoin blog
    Because bitcoin is so new compared to other targeted content, there is plenty of room for new bloggers and sites. New bitcoin businesses are emerging every day; Everything from bitcoin exchanges, trade, money gaming sites, taps, online shopping and digging are thirsty for your advertising space.

    Creating a bitcoin blog and generating revenue may be slow at first, but the constant publication of rich content will interest some advertisers for at least 9 months.

    You can join some affiliate programs or create your own bitcoin store. Bitcoin taps, wallets and exchanges pay large commissions on referrals.

    Small profits from bitcoin taps
    My first advice was to build my own crane. If this is too difficult, try to join one and take advantage of it. Instead of earning about $ 800 a month, it would be $ 30 to $ 100 a month from a monotonous task, but it’s still money and the first step to start building your bank.

    Note that bitcoin taps tend to be defective and disappear very quickly. So be sure to join some reputable ones like and They are also fun because you can play games while you win, my biggest recommendation would be robotcoin.

    Create an online store for a bitcoin product or service
    Bitcoin is still difficult to monetize in USD and other hard currencies. Not that it’s extremely difficult, but it adds some fees and taxes to the process. Although it is still one of the cheapest ways to send money anywhere in the world.

    Buying things with bitcoins is a great way to make something useful out of them and helps to miss out on fees and taxes at exchanges. Especially if you can then resell these goods and turn them into hard money.

    There is a great business opportunity when selling goods paid in bitcoins at low prices or wholesale. All you need is a bitcoin trader for your Shopify or WooCommerce store like Shopify now comes with BitPay.

    Is it safe to invest in Bitcoin in 2019?

    It is obvious that the world is becoming digital. More people from all over the world now have access to the internet and all kinds of businesses are going online to make money.

    As the world increasingly relies on the Internet, the need for a global, secure and digital currency is becoming frivolous. This is exactly what bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies offer. Bitcoin is open to anyone who is willing to invest in it.

    However, unlike traditional investment opportunities that are simple and well understood, investing in bitcoin requires time and effort to understand how it works and to achieve it properly. Due to the lack of knowledge and a lot of conflicting information on the Internet, investing in bitcoin is frightening for many people.

    This article will take a look at whether it is really safe to invest in bitcoin in 2019 or not, but before that. “

    Why invest in Bitcoin?

    Only 21 million bitcoins are available globally; and as people continue to mine, coins are becoming rarer. In essence, then, that means bitcoin is valuable. Take gold for example. A limited amount of gold is available; and as more is dug, it becomes rare and therefore more valuable.

    The same goes for bitcoin. Anyone can check the value of bitcoin. You can know when new bitcoins were created and how many are in circulation. You can send your bitcoins globally and no bank, government or financial institution can freeze them.

    Bitcoin has an impact on the global economy; and as more and more people appear on the Internet, its usefulness increases.

    How to secure your Bitcoin

    Investing in bitcoin is a serious endeavor that should be understood as such. Hackers and fraudsters predominate on the internet looking for valuable information and cryptocurrencies from people who do not suspect anything.

    As this type of investment is online and the most valuable investment on the Internet, it is exposed to a large number of risks. It is only reasonable to take steps to secure your investment.

    There have been cases in the past when hackers hacked bitcoin wallets. There are a few best practices you can follow to make sure your bitcoin is safe. Here are some things to do:

    • Store only a small amount of bitcoin in each wallet

    • Encrypt your bitcoin wallet for an extra level of security

    • Use a password that is extremely difficult to reveal even to people who know you

    • Always keep your software up to date

    • Back up your wallet and store it in various secure locations

    • Use an offline wallet to save your bitcoin

    Before you invest in bitcoin, take the time to understand how it works, how you can secure your bitcoin, how it differs from conventional currency, and how bitcoin affects the world. With all this in mind, you will be able to make the right decision about whether investing in bitcoin is for you or not.

    7 basics of the music business that you need to know

    Several industries are as diverse and as difficult to define as the music industry.

    From independent musicians and recording studios to major labels and well-known music venues, there are dozens if not hundreds of elements that make up the industry as a whole – and they are not always connected or integrated in any noticeable way.

    But if you have a passion for music and you are determined to build your own music business or become part of an industry on some level, here are seven things you need to know about the state of the music business.

    1. Most musicians embraced new technologies early on. Whether it’s the latest social media or crowdfunding platform, musicians are often the first to pick up new tools for a test drive, and some are succeeding. For example, independent musician Daria Musk has found interest in Google Hangouts.

    2. Sometimes there is no rhyme or reason to succeed. This is especially true for such a personal and subjective as music.

    3. Technology is changing the way studios work. LANDR is an online tool that automatically learns recorded music – and reportedly the end results are pretty good. The constant development of technology continues to reduce the need for traditional recording studios with a large budget, and the production process is increasingly automated. Home recording equipment is also affordable and high quality.

    4. Blockchain could become the future of the industry. The technology underlying popular cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin is known as the blockchain, and it can offer an opportunity for more music companies and musicians to monetize their work without third parties taking a bigger piece of the pie. But the current structure of the industry is preventing this from moving forward.

    5. This is the only industry from Payola. Radio stations are prohibited from airing music in exchange for money unless they declare it a “sponsorship”. Unfortunately, corruption continues, and the mainstream air is dominated by music from the top 40, which is an extremely popular minority. If you thought the Arctic Monkeys were “independent,” you wouldn’t even understand the independent majority.

    6. The flow of music is a growing market. And we will continue to see innovation and new developments in this area. There may now be dozens of streaming sites, but that number is likely to grow to hundreds, maybe thousands.

    7. Human beings cannot be cornered. As it turned out, machines are capable of creating beautiful, emotional music that has long been considered impossible. Will it change the way you create music? Will it make musicians obsolete? Hard to say.

    Students and their personal finances

    You have just started a university or college. Money has become a huge issue as spending has increased. You decide to get a student loan or maybe a scholarship, but financial aid can be very complicated and there are many other students like you. When you have money, you lose track of when and where you spent it. Here are some tips for budgeting and saving your way to a better lifestyle.

     Before considering the idea of ​​borrowing money, consider all possible gift options, such as rewards from associations or religious affiliations. These are like mini cash aids. One association can give you $ 100, another maybe $ 50. These small amounts can be added to a large amount.

     Spend some time at the beginning of the semester of the course; as you get used to your daily routines, you can plan your finances. Keep a record that compares your income and expenses. Plan how to maximize your income and minimize your expenses.

     Write in a book what you spend. You may think that small expenses like candy here and a soft drink there will not hurt your pocket. But it is these little things that eat up your wallet. Write down all expenses. After a week / month, you can check your start-up costs and track your costs. Write down all your receipts, bank statements, grant details and loans for future reference. Also check your monthly bank statements, because mistakes are common.

     If you have a regular monthly income (such as a salary or student aid), don’t be tempted to spend it all at once. Stretch this for a period of one month. Keep the balance in your bank account.

     Take work on holidays or even work part-time after school and on weekends for extra income. Work can also help you increase your career prospects when you graduate.

     When possible, use public transport or a car pool. Many colleges provide free on-campus bus services. If the journey is not too far, why not walk quickly to your destination. You save on transportation fees and have a great workout as a bonus.

     Email instead of phone calls. Not only is it cheaper, but you can reach more people with just one move. If you prefer to call, get a prepaid mobile phone service that helps you eliminate monthly subscription fees. If you have frequent long distance calls, sign up for a medium quality international call provider instead of a high tech one because it is cheaper. Try online messengers that provide video conferencing or phone calling services. It is much cheaper.

     Try to apply to a public college or university so you can stay home. Eliminate additional costs such as accommodation fees.

     Look for second-hand books, not new ones. There will certainly be high school seniors who want to get rid of their old books.

     Try to withdraw money once a week at the bank where you have an account or its branches. Keep the receipts for the withdrawals you have made. Avoid carrying the cards with you.

     Maintain a simple lifestyle. Don’t always spend too much and get rid of expenses you don’t need. For example, a chocolate bar that costs 50 cents a day, for 10 days you would spend $ 5 to soothe this jam.

     Give up bad habits such as drinking, smoking and gambling. First, such habits will slowly kill you and second, these habits lose money.

     Be environmentally friendly. Turn off the lights when you leave the room and turn off the tap when you are ready. Use both sides of a sheet of paper and recycle the ones you no longer want. Recycling not only saves land, but also helps get some money back into your pockets.

     When you download things from the Internet or just listen to music on your computer, turn off the screen. The processor requires only 40% of the power to run; the rest is taken up by the screen.

     Invest in a coin box, but not in a coin box; buy these without any “pull” holes in them. Clay figurines are quietly cheap. Put your spare rest in them. Every penny counts.

     Fixed deposits are a great way to cash out. If you have a minimum amount of money required by the bank that you can set aside for a short period of time, put it in a fixed deposit, as the interest rate is higher than a normal bank account. However, please check and see which bank offers a higher interest rate. Another good option would be to invest in a mutual fund. Check with your nearest bank for more information, as each bank has a different policy and interest rate.

     Have long-term goals such as buying a car and then set up a fund to buy the car by spending money each month. After all, even if you no longer want to buy a car, there will be money for other things.

    Adeline Ong © 2006

    Five laws of gold

    We live in an impatient age, and when it comes to money, we want it more now, today, not tomorrow. Whether it’s a mortgage deposit or clearing up those credit cards that consume our energy long after we stop enjoying what we bought with them, the sooner the better. When it comes to investing, we want easy dialing and a quick return. Hence the current craze for cryptocurrencies. Why invest in nanotechnology or machine learning when Ethereum is locked in an endless spiral, and Bitcoin is a gift that continues to give?

    A century ago, American writer George S Clason took a different approach. In The Richest Man in Babylon, he gave the world a treasure trove of – literally – financial principles based on things that might seem old-fashioned today: caution, prudence, and wisdom. Clason used the sages of the ancient city of Babylon as spokespersons for his financial advice, but that advice is as relevant today as it was a century ago, when the collapse of Wall Street and the Great Depression were looming.

    Take for example the five laws of gold. If you want to put your personal finances on a sound footing, wherever you are in life, this is for you:

    Law No. 1: Gold comes gladly and in increasing quantities to anyone who invests at least a tenth of their earnings to create property for their future and the future of their family. In other words, save 10% of your income. Minimum. Save more than you can. And that 10% is not for next year’s vacation or a new car. That is in the long run. Your 10% may include your pension contributions, ISAs, premium bonds or any type of savings account with high interest / limited access. OK, interest rates for savers are now at historically lowest levels, but who knows where they will be in five or ten years? And compound interest means your savings will grow faster than you think.

    Law No.2: Gold works diligently and contentedly for a wise owner who finds him a profitable job. So if you want to invest, not save, do it wisely. There are no cryptocurrencies or pyramid schemes. We focus on the words “profitable” and “employment”. Let your money work for you, but remember that the best thing you can hope for for this side of the rainbow is a stable return in the long run, not winning the lottery. In practice, this probably means stocks in established companies that offer a regular dividend and a steady upward trend in stock prices. You can invest directly, or through fund managers in the form of funds, but before you part with one penny, see Laws 3, 4 and 5 …

    Law no. 3: Gold is kept under the protection of a careful owner who invests it on the advice of those who handle it. Talk to a qualified, experienced financial advisor before doing anything. If you don’t know it, investigate. Check them out online. What expertise do they have? What kind of clients? Read the reviews. Call them first and understand what they can offer you, and then decide if the face-to-face meeting will work. Check their commission arrangements. Are they independent or tied to a particular company, under contract to promote that company’s financial products? A decent financial advisor will encourage you to get the basics: retirement, life insurance, where you will live, before directing you to invest in emerging markets and space travel. When you are satisfied that you have found a counselor you can count on, listen to him. Trust their advice. But check your relationship with them at regular intervals, say once a year, and if you’re not happy, look elsewhere. Chances are, if your assessment was sound at all, you will stick to the same counselor for years to come.

    Law no. 4: Gold escapes those who invest it in affairs or purposes with which they are unfamiliar or which are not approved by those who are skilled in its safekeeping. If you have a deep knowledge of food retail, be sure to invest in a supermarket chain that increases market share. Likewise, if you work for a company that has an employee share ownership plan, it makes sense to take advantage of that if you are sure your company has a good prospect. But you should never invest in any market or financial product that you don’t understand (remember the crash!) Or can’t fully explore. If you are tempted to try currency or options trading and have a financial advisor, talk to him first. If they are not up to date, ask them to refer you to someone who has. Best of all, stay away from anything you’re not sure about, no matter how much potential comes back.

    Law no. 5: Gold flees from one who seeks impossible earnings or who follows the tempting advice of a deceiver and conspirator or who believes in his own inexperience. Again, the fifth law follows the heels of the fourth. If you start searching the internet for financial advice and wealth-creating ideas, your inbox will soon be full of “scammers and plotters” promising you land if you invest £ 999 in their “system” to convert £ 1 to £ 1XXXXXX in Chicago stock market. Remember, the only one who makes money in the gold rush is the one who sells shovels. Buy the wrong shovel and you will quickly get into debt. Not only will you pay through your nose for a system that has no proven value; by following it you will probably lose much more than the price you paid for it. At the very least, you should check the original product reviews. And never buy a system, investment vehicle or financial product from any company that is not registered with a national supervisory authority, such as the Financial Conduct Authority for the UK.

    First week on Fiverr ($ 500 earned)

    Fiverr is a freelance platform developed in Israel to give users the opportunity to purchase “concerts” for only $ 5.

    The service, launched in 2010, has grown exponentially, thanks in part to accessibility for digital marketers – everything from SEO to Amazon FBA vendors outsourcing small tasks to experts offering their services through the platform.

    By 2015, there were stories of service providers receiving substantial revenue / revenue from the system, with one – SPXMAC – reporting revenue of $ 40,000 per month (an excellent achievement).

    With that in mind, people with the genuine skills, experience and expertise they can offer have been involved in providing their services through the system, including me.

    To that end, I felt the need to share some of the achievements I have made with the platform. It’s not a big number, but it can give some people an idea of ​​what works and what doesn’t.

    Fiverr Internet System (how it works)

    The most important thing to appreciate in Fiverr is that the vendor should create an offer for the customer.

    Although there are many other freelance websites, they rely on the customer to open vacancies / concerts and the providers to help by posting offers. The customer will then analyze the offers and make a choice.

    Due to the opposite nature of the Fiverr system, it has opened up a new way for the freelance system to work.

    Instead of offering a job, a service provider may, in effect, provide a range of “products” / “services” through which they can provide buyers with a more structured, systematic set of jobs.

    For example, if you are a supplier of logos – you will sell your service “logo design” for $ 150, which buyers can come to, ask questions and buy.

    The fact is that this new model is different, and in many cases better than the previous one. All attention is focused on the offered products / services and encourages the supplier to systematize the delivery process as much as possible, which allows to obtain even higher quality, cheaper prices and more efficient provision of services.

    If you want to create effective (profitable) products / services for placement on the site, the key is to understand what buyers are actually looking for, and the opportunity in the easiest way to facilitate it. This is where I started my service offering.

    Products / services for sale

    Obviously, every market / platform has its winners and losers.

    The most important thing I found on the platform is that there are really “two” ways to list products / services:

    1. List products / services based on your experience – if you’re a graphic designer, create e-book covers, logo designs or website templates for a fee
    2. List products / services based on market demand – as mentioned, many “digital marketers” use Fiverr as a source of low-cost but quality services for their growing online business.

    The first will probably take longer to bear much fruit; the latter will be much faster but will allow less creativity in the proposal.

    I tend to try to mix the two – determine what’s popular, and put my own view on it.

    Some of the most popular lists I’ve found are “Amazon Product Description” writing services. The most successful of these is SPXMAC, which earns more than $ 30,000 / $ 40,000 a month.

    There are currently 3 providers of this service who typically receive 15 to 30 orders per day for their concerts. SPXMAC is definitely a leader.

    My experience

    To explain, I did it not under my own name; I helped a friend adjust and we shared the profits.

    To do this, I started by listing a number of common services in the Fiverr system based on my friend’s real-world experience (it was related to finance).

    We started by writing an article – imagining that a number of high-end “financial” blogs (which relied on quality, accurate and operational content) will be willing to hire an expert who has participated in many transactions, trades with a private consortium in London and is also very good at technologies.

    I wrote a profile list explaining his work in the industry, his experience and (importantly) why he posted his services on Fiverr.

    In the last part, I explained that he is looking to expand his personal brand, and thought that writing articles for money would be the most appropriate way to do it. Instead of sending guest messages, this would set an instant precedent for the person making the purchase.

    This seemed to go relatively well (with a number of blog operators buying his articles and using his name / face as an “author” on their sites).

    As for the products we offered, the first thing we tried was the Forex writing service. It hasn’t been too popular as it is a very crowded market and usually runs cyclically (IE when the USD / GBP currency pair falls, etc.).

    Very well done “crypto” articles – which we wrote for $ 25 for 10. It was very low, but allowed us to make some progress in terms of reviews / reviews of the system.

    Most people who bought packages simply allowed us to determine which articles to write (we wrote mostly about current market trends, the importance of the blockchain, etc.) – and began to focus on maximizing expansion.

    The “crypto” articles were good (we earned $ 500 each for the first week), but it was unsuitable at such a low price. We both burned out and so decided to raise prices a bit, which significantly reduced the amount of interest / bandwidth.

    However, reviews have earned and the quality of shoppers has improved significantly, although the frequency of purchases has decreased.


    The most important thing I found on the internet was to use my own face.

    In the past, I’ve done a number of things under pseudonyms. Some were legitimate (running the second largest Webkinz site), but most simply because I didn’t want people to know what I was doing.

    While this was a legitimate reason to hide my identity, the simple truth is that it didn’t allow me to grow very quickly. To that end, one of the key things I started doing for my friend was to emphasize the importance of owning your name – to ensure that you highlight your unique experiences, ideas, and experiences as the core of why someone should consider you.

    If you choose to participate in Fiverr, I would suggest that this is one of the few ways you can “own” your name online by providing real content. Think of it as an extension like LinkedIn or Twitter – a “social” point of contact through which the “online” community can interact with you.